I have experience developing and implementing research projects. Specifically, I am trained in quantitative survey design and analysis. I know how to strategize a research project to answer important business questions. This starts with asking the right questions and then using advanced statistical methods to determine the answers. Only then can we apply these answers into actionable business solutions. Click here for an example of how survey design can be implemented to improve a study.
Branding is an important part of any company's identity. Companies with strong branding can evoke emotions and win potential business on the strength of their reputation. Working with clients in the public relations environment and working in-house responding to requests for proposals, I have implemented strategies for developing a brand identity and winning proposals.
Like branding, positioning offers your company the opportunity to take advantage of an opportunity in the market. Whether introducing a new product or re-introducing an existing product, it is important to position it for maximum effect. My work includes both developing content for the web and for print. Please click here for a few examples of both web and print materials put together for a product release.
I have considerable experience writing and editing content for clients. This includes online publications, collateral materials, responsese to requests for proposals and materials for the media. Please click here for a few samples of the variety of work I have completed. All examples I either worked on as a writer, editor or both.
An effective Web strategy is a crucial aspect of marketing today. As more and more people make the Internet part of their daily lives, it is important to provide a strong presence for your company, which can be easily updated and maintained. Working both professionally and privately, I have developed and maintained simple HTML and CSS sites to more complex sites using PHP and MySQL.

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Jeff Francis is a marketing geek who would never refer to himself as a guru. He is that weird sort who enjoys watching commercials and analyzing communication strategies. He is also available for hire and would love to hear from you. So, head on over to the contact page and get in touch.

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