October 13, 2011
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Positioning is part of your branding strategy. Your brand is ultimately determined by the market, it is how people see your product. Positioning is the effort taken to guide the perception to the right place. Moreover, positioning considers not only the perception of your product, service or company, but also your product in relation to your competitors.

How you position your product can influence your brand. A classic example of this is with Avis Rent-a-Car. In the early 60s, the car service was the second most popular rental service in the country. Instead of ignoring this fact, Avis used it to its advantage. The company developed a brand revolving around customer service and working hard to meet or exceed customer needs. But how did they position that brand? Because they were number two, they said, "We try harder." They effectively repositioned the negative into a positive to create strong brand identity.

Product positioning can also come from your elevator statement. Remember, your positioning is communicating to the target audience; it helps them know how to interpret your brand. It should say, "We are for you!" Just remember, it can also tell people, "I'm not for you." So it is important to position carefully.


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