Marketing Lessons Learned from Microsoft Smartphone
Microsoft is finally releasing a ready-for-primetime smartphone to compete with iOS and Android. However, this late in the game, it will take more than a well designed phone to win back the lost market share.
Music In Advertising: Volkswagen
Music and advertising going together like peas and carrots. Over the last two decades, popular music continues to appear in commercials. It makes sense considering the connection between emotion in both art forms. In the late 90s, VW used pop music to great effect.
Do You Want a Cook or a Chemist?
Developing great marketing isn't about filling out a template or rote memorization of steps. It involves a deep understanding of your consumer and their evolving needs, beliefs and attitudes. If your company has more cooks than chemists, you social media lab could blow up in your face.
Technology and Our Lives
Technology changes the way we interact with each other and approach our lives. It not only influences what we do, but how we perceive the world and our social interactions. Social media, in particular, has greatly changed the way we communicate and power structures.
The Changing Media
On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Americans took time to think about everything that has changed in the last decade. In general, the media excelled in the face of disaster that day. Since then, their efforts have been much maligned. How has the media changed in the last 10 years?
The Conflict of Choice
What kind of decision maker are you? Do you spend hours, days, or even weeks scrutinizing every possible option? Or, do you make of lists of requirements, then make a decision once you find something that meets those requirements? What can marketers do to avoid decision paralysis?

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