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Do You Want a Cook or a Chemist?
Developing great marketing isn't about filling out a template or rote memorization of steps. It involves a deep understanding of your consumer and their evolving needs, beliefs and attitudes. If your company has more cooks than chemists, you social media lab could blow up in your face.
Technology and Our Lives
Technology changes the way we interact with each other and approach our lives. It not only influences what we do, but how we perceive the world and our social interactions. Social media, in particular, has greatly changed the way we communicate and power structures.
The Conflict of Choice
What kind of decision maker are you? Do you spend hours, days, or even weeks scrutinizing every possible option? Or, do you make of lists of requirements, then make a decision once you find something that meets those requirements? What can marketers do to avoid decision paralysis?
Sorting My Friends: Circles vs. Lists
G+ circles let you organize your friends. How does G+ differ from Facebook networks or Twitter Lists? Ease-of-use.
Google+ and the Social Media Covenant
Google+ burst onto the scene, but can it keep people happy and distinguish itself from Facebook enough to attract users?
Festival Leaves Bitter taste
The Taste of Chicago is a free festival and great opportunity to get your brand to out to the public. Yet, its vendors fail to truly capitalize on the opportunity.

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