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B-ad Placement
Sometimes ad placement loses the plot when keyword connections fail to pick-up on the importance of context. How does this affect someone's perception of the ad and the company?
Music in Advertising: Obscure Find
One of the benefits of the Internet is discoverability. Thanks to the tools of the web, we can find new and obscure. But, even if we loathe its existence at times, advertising is the original tool of discoverability.
Sometimes companies and ad agencies get too clever for their own good. If you have something that works, stick with it. Developing an ad that pulls effectively is hard, don't let a pitch count determine when to pull it.
Music in Advertising: The Kinks
In the ongoing Music in Advertising series, we look at The Kinks. An under-appreciated band if there ever was one, they have lent many of their songs to commercials with varying degrees of effectiveness. Although, by and large, the exchange has been good for the everyone involved.
Marketing Lessons Learned from Microsoft Smartphone
Microsoft is finally releasing a ready-for-primetime smartphone to compete with iOS and Android. However, this late in the game, it will take more than a well designed phone to win back the lost market share.
Music In Advertising: Volkswagen
Music and advertising going together like peas and carrots. Over the last two decades, popular music continues to appear in commercials. It makes sense considering the connection between emotion in both art forms. In the late 90s, VW used pop music to great effect.

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