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I am a communications professional with a passion for marketing. I have performed just about every job in the marketing mix. Starting as a lowly intern, I graduated to glorified dog watcher. After proving my worth with golden retrievers, I moved on to people clients.

Who am I? I am someone who loves a challenge, especially if it means getting my hands dirty and learning something new along the way. There are three things that drive me: 1) Marketing, 2) French dark roast coffee, and 3) dry-erase boards. I love seeing brainstorming sessions fall into place with effective strategies and met benchmarks.

As a college senior, I received my first work experience in the communications field. On day one, I was handed a list, a chair, and a phone. I spent the next eight hours cold calling reporters to offer them a free weekend package to a casino that, for obvious reasons, they could never accept. Despite what was a frustratingly Sisyphean task, I was hooked by the fast-paced, interactive nature of the communications industry.

Since that time, I have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world (e.g., Boston Celtics and Dunkin Donuts) and performed every task from day-to-day pitch man and media contact to marketing content developer to golden retriever walker, and I love the rich diversity of the experiences. What makes me a good fit for your company is my extensive knowledge and understanding of marketing principles. Both my eight years of experience and my master's degree in mass communication make me well-versed in all aspects of a marketing campaign. I have performed community relations, planned bar openings, and developed entire scholarship programs.

But, my marketing experience is only half of the puzzle. Being dedicated to marketing techniques and ROI, I spent the last two years learning the techniques behind marketing research. This means knowing how to run proper surveys, A/B testing methodology and statistical analysis. I have lived on both sides of the equation and understand how data and creative inspiration need to combine to provide practical real-world solutions.

What I bring to client engagement is a strong understanding of how an integrated marketing plan strengthens a brand. Making all your strategies work together, like cogs in a fine watch, is what separates great products from good products time after time. I am looking to bring my passion for marketing to an agency or corporation that needs someone who can implement a plan from beginning to end.

Selling a product or service isn't just building a digital presence or hiring a celebrity to endorse it. There is no template, one-size-fits-all plan. Good marketing is about identifying business goals, developing strategies to meet them, and deploying tactics that bring those strategies to fruition--in that order.

Let me help you leave your mark.

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Jeff Francis is a marketing geek who would never refer to himself as a guru. He is that weird sort who enjoys watching commercials and analyzing communication strategies. He is also available for hire and would love to hear from you. So, head on over to the contact page and get in touch.

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